Edinburgh Mechanics

Finding a good mechanic can be a little tricky sometimes, especially if you’re not really clued up about the internal functionings of a vehicle. We have found ones in Edinburgh city who will service and fix your vehicle at a reasonable price.

Edinburgh Car Services

Edinburgh Car Services, a family operated business, offer high quality car repairs and maintenance to all their customers. They have more than 30 years’ experience and are passionate about taking care of vehicles, therefore,they only use the best products, parts and treatments. They’re fully aware that car maintenance can be very costly, and clients would prefer to spend their spare cash on something more enjoyable, thus, they keep their prices as low as possible. They also serve car enthusiasts with money to indulge on their vehicles and petrol heads, offering them advanced car components and upgrades.

All their car services are tailored to each vehicle, making sure a thorough examination and repair is carried out. The company are happy to guide you on what to do and are very honest and upfront with their advice and costs. They offer a fixed-price service, which is completed to manufacturing requirements and will cover warranties – no matter how expensive major dealers may say this is!

Their services include: suspension repairs, clutch repairs, timing belt replacement, batteries, exhausts, welding, advice and no obligation quotations, tyres, MOT’s, full service, diagnostic checks with print outs and manufacturer specification servicing.

Swochenski Motor Engineering

Swochenski Motor Engineering deliver a first class service at very competitive rates. They always make sure that everything is fixed at the same time and they give a full guarantee on the work they do. Their services include: servicing, MOT preparation, full car diagnostics, welding and repairs of exhaust systems, timing belt and clutch repairs. Moreover, Swochenski Motor Engineering remove DPF filters from diesel engines, a repair most garages cannot do without charging an absolute fortune for the job.

Their overall aim is to deliver an outstanding and affordable vehicle repair and maintenance service. The company work from their local garage and make sure all their work is done properly and doesn’t need to be repeated. They’re confident you won’t need to utilise the warranty they offer. This is the reason why a lot of customers decide to use Swochenski Motor Engineering as their main garage.

Logan’s Garage

Logan’s Garage has a professional reputation based on quality, expertise, personal rapport with customers and their caring attitude. As a result, they have expanded and currently have a nation-wide customer base. They offer general and specialist car repair services to include DPF repairs and diesel tuning. Their fully trained technicians provide the following car services that are in line with Ministry of Transport and manufacturer guidelines and specifications:

  • ⇑ Mechanical service and repairs
  • ⇑ MOT’s – for petrol and diesel cars
  • ⇑ Fuel injection, crypton tuning, and electronic ignition fault diagnostics
  • ⇑ Engine and transmission overhauls
  • ⇑ Bodywork repairs
  • ⇑ ABS clutch and brake repairs
  • ⇑ Auto electrical repairs
  • ⇑ Recharge and repair air conditioning systems
  • ⇑ Wheel tracking, balancing as well as alignment
  • ⇑ SVA modification/ preparation (to inspectorate standard)
  • ⇑ Vehicle security
  • ⇑ 24 hour vehicle recovery service

Contact Logan’s Garage for any vehicle enquiries or more information about their services!

Edinburgh Mobile Motor Mechanic

Edinburgh Mobile Motor Mechanic bring repairs, services and MOTs to your front door step. That’s correct, when you need to repair or service your vehicle, Edinburgh Mobile Motor Mechanics will gladly come to you at a convenient time and location. That could be at home or work, providing they can get hold of the vehicle parts that require attention. With more than 20 years’ experience in the motoring industry, Edinburgh Mobile Motor Mechanic has been updating his skills and knowledge about contemporary vehicles and can assist with routine servicing, breakdowns and repairs.

The company can also help you with the thing most people dread – filling up the car with the wrong fuel. They won’t just tow you away to the closest garage, they will drain out the fuel for you and get you moving as quickly as possible.

Test Edinburgh Mobile Motor Mechanic out and call them when you have a problem with your vehicle, you won’t be disappointed! You can save a lot of time and money on expensive car repairs or service charges with a mobile mechanic!