National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh

National Musuem of Scotland

The National Museum Scotland has a remarkable collection of more than 20, 000 captivating artefacts. Their impressively varied collection will take guests through an inspiring historical journey about Scotland’s history, exploring culture, nature, science and other amazing discoveries, all in one building.


National Museums Scotland is a registered charity for national and international collections. It houses an outstanding array of approximately 20, 000 charming artefacts that represent the entire history of Scotland.

The charity works closely with museums and wider communities to preserve, interpret and make their precious collections accessible to a broader audience all over the world through research, partnerships, community engagement, touring, exhibitions, digital loans and other educational programmes.

Their Museums:

In the year 2014 to 2015, they attracted around 2.3 million guests to their museum sites: The National War Museum and the National Museum of Scotland the National Museum of Flight, and the National Museum of Rural Life.

Collections and Research

National Musuem of Scotland: Celts Collection

Their collections are a true heritage that they take care of for Scottish people. Their vast array of diverse objects signify classic archaeology, applied arts & design, diverse world cultures, science, technology, social history, nature.

The National Museums Collection Centre homes many non-displayed items, and houses the latest, taxidermy conservation, and academic research facilities.

They aim to clarify the importance of all their objects through research, and the way they interpret their collections increases the publics overall awareness of natural environments and human history.

National and International Engagement

National Museums Scotland are always exploring creative ways to engage with Scottish audiences through exhibition tours and collaborative work with other UK and internals partners. The latter extends Scotland's profile at an international level and promotes their collections outside their own walls.

School Programmes

School children in Scotland get to take part in discovery days at one of the four sites, with approximately 65, 000 visiting each year. A lot more school children participate in their exhibitions via education broadcasts and also through their shared learning facilities.

Events & Exhibition:

Cultural assets from different parts of the world are brought to Scotland through important exhibitions, lectures, air shows, concerts and festivals. These events all tell monumental stories and bring arts, science, and history all to life.

Knowledge & amp Services

Their committed staff team have a significant amount of knowledge and expertise in a diverse range of fields, and they offer free training, support and advice to all museums in Scotland through their information exchange programme.

They also have a local and international object loaning service, which means people can enjoy all their items on an even bigger scale.

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